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Beloved Son of the Father

I am a reformer who wants to see a Church that looks like Jesus and manifests His love to the world. I came from a broken home and lived a prodigal lifestyle before encountering Jesus and changing my life. Now I have a wife who wants to be married to me, four beautiful children and good standing as a Catholic in the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. I have over twenty years experience personally and spiritually guiding others. I have worked with addicts, business leaders, clergy, house wives, and those simply searching for peace and intimacy with Jesus. For a decade, I owned a tattoo studio. I have been a FOCUS missionary, and I am currently the Director of the Office of Spiritual Formation and the Office of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lincoln. In all this work, I have found that the one thing that leads to fulfillment and joy in life is knowing, living in, and sharing Christ.

I have known Matt Simmons for many years, as he has worked in many positions in our diocese. It is well known that Matt possesses many gifts in healing and deliverance ministries and in spiritual direction. Matt is well sought after by many clergy and lay faithful in Nebraska.

It has only been in recent years that I have personally worked side by side with Matt. He often asks me to do intercessory prayer during his deliverance sessions with clergy and lay faithful. I find that he has a deep knowledge and intuition of spiritual matters.  I know of many priests and lay faithful who have personally benefited from his ministry. It is not uncommon that priests come up to me and say that their session with Matt was a turning point for their healing and deliverance. Assisting him has really been an educational experience for me. Often after a prayer session, Matt has been generous with his time in sharing his spiritual wisdom with me. I find that he is well read on the subject of Catholic spirituality. At times I do call him for spiritual advice on a particular issue for some person that I am working with.

I am privileged to write this testimonial for Matt. He is very dedicated to bringing healing to members of the Kingdom of God. In the last year, as many people know, our diocese has gone through various scandals. This has led priests of our diocese to seek out Matt for healing and deliverance. As I said above, priests are most grateful for Matt’s work to bring personal healing to their lives. Matt has been a great gift to our diocese in the current crisis. Many people would attest to that fact.

Fr. Joseph Steele, Chaplain of Madonna Hospital, Lincoln, Ne

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