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One of the great gifts of my life was spending 30 days of silence and solitude with God because Matt Simmons directed me in those days! Matt has a deep relationship with God and an extraordinary understanding of Ignatian spirituality. I have and will continue to encourage people to allow Matt to be their director on any Ignatian experience.

Catholic Priest, Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska

Matthew Simmons consistently and faithfully speaks the word of God into my life.

Dr. Daniel Barr, Professor of Biology, University of Mary

Working with Matt has been instrumental in guiding me through forming not only meaningful habits of prayer, but also in moving me into a true relationship with Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.   For most of my life, that relationship was superficial and I thought dependent upon me.   With Matt’s knowledge of our Catholic faith and his own life experiences he is very relatable and easy to speak to about struggles that kept me from entering deeper into my own knowledge and relationship with Jesus and also with my blessed Mother Mary.

Rogene Villamonte, Owner of The Computer Magician

While going through a tough time in my life and my family's, I remember asking God to help me stay especially close to Him in the current confusion we were experiencing. I realize now how God helped me, one particular way was having Matt Simmons as my spiritual guide. I’m so grateful that our lives crossed paths. I learned with Matt’s guidance how to better relate, receive and deepen my relationship with God which is precisely what He wants with all of us. My relationship with Jesus became more fluid, not so sporadic.  I was able to make decisions during that difficult time based out of love that Jesus showed me and not out of fear. By learning how to spend time with Jesus through the Gospels and observing Him closely helped me to get to know Him and get to know His heart. This taught me His desires: to heal, protect and love us and to continually draw us closer. 
That chapter of our family’s life is healing and I continue to learn more and heal more through God’s abundant grace. I am very grateful for Matt’s continued guidance through his ministry.

Diane Reiber, Artist and Author of "Light Collection"

I have benefited immensely from the spiritual guidance of Matt Simmons. At a time in my priesthood when I had quietly despaired of finding life-giving communion with God, he helped me to be attentive and receptive to His active presence in my prayer life. From the very beginning of our relationship, Matt helped me to perceive and reject specific idols and lies in my life, and directed me instead toward God’s loving voice. I have found him to be knowledgeable about the spiritual life and wise in applying his knowledge to my specific situation. Above all, Matt is a man of great faith in God’s transformative love. I have already noticed ways in which his help has borne fruit in my ministry as a priest, and I am grateful for the gift which he has been in my own relationship with God.

Catholic Priest, Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska

The pain of abuse has caused me to despair and struggle in ways I hope most people don’t have to.  Desiring suicide, wanting to run away from my problems and hating life have been common themes in my life.  I find myself worrying about whether I’m desirable to anyone, let alone worthy of a relationship with God and I struggle to know His love on a personal level because of the horrific and ongoing abuse I suffered as a child.  I long for Jesus to be with me and I desire to give my life to Him, but people like Matt have taught me the need to allow Jesus to be present with me.  That not only does he love me, he desires me and wants to be with me.  In meeting with Matt, I have been able to discover and renounce the many lies I have lived with for years opening my heart to a true and fuller love.  I have realized that in the suffering, I am not only loved by Him, but I am not alone.  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to know that I am not nor was I ever alone.  In the darkest of days and the most painful and horrific flashbacks, I have found a way to be present with my pain in a way I didn’t know was possible… by being present with Jesus.  I have actually started to wonder if I am going to allow myself to be with God like I do now when I am fully healed.  It’s been a ride and I continue to be on the roller coaster, but having someone like Matt help guide me in the process is essential to my continued healing and growth in my relationship with God. I don’t wish my past on anyone, but if someone has a past like this, I hope they can find someone like Matt to help them develop a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus in the process of healing.  It’s made healing so much more tolerable and grace filled.  My only regret with Matt is that I didn’t include him sooner in the process.

Religious, Diocese of Lincoln

I have had the privilege of being spiritually directed and coached by Matt over the last 6 years. I spent five years as a campus missionary which required 10 weeks of religious formation and spiritual training, have been on numerous retreats, mission trips, conferences, and men’s weekends. The time I have spent with Matt has been more valuable than all these combined. Matt is so fruitful in his ministry because of his deep awareness of the human condition and his intimate relationship with the Trinity. His spiritual direction and coaching have made me a new man by the way he has revealed the love the Father to me. He has walked with me through the wounds in my life, helping me to encounter the healing of Jesus through prayer and scripture. He has helped me to see the lies that have malformed my worldview, how to reject those lies and how to stay in the bosom of the Father. This has made me a better man, husband, father, brother, son, friend, and co-worker. I have shared these life-changing lessons and advice with my wife, kids, friends, and co-workers. Every single day I benefit from the lessons Matt has taught me over the years. I do not know where I would be without Matt’s incredible gifts but I know that I am who I am today because of his willingness to let the Holy Spirit use him as an instrument of grace and a conduit of healing.

Matt Weeder, Financial Services Professional

If we wish to be holy, we must have a guide. This is who Matt Simmons has been to me: a steadfast accompaniment in my life of prayer. Through consolation and desolation Matt was present to reveal to the ever-so-subtle and intricate movements of the Holy Spirit in my life. In sharing my prayer with him he was able to help me discern God’s will for my life and those places in my heart that needed to be opened to the Father’s unending love. Indeed, Matt’s gift of spiritual discernment has helped me respond in generosity to my Vocation as a husband in the Sacrament of Marriage. Matt has helped me to dive deeper into the receptivity of prayer in order that I may more closely imitate the Love of Jesus our Good Shepherd and our Bridegroom. Matt has been a steadfast affirmation that God’s will is being fulfilled in my life. I am so very grateful for Matt and all that the Holy Spirit has worked through him. Thank You Matt!!!

Trey W, Student at University of Mary, Bismarck ND

Matt has a way of seeing through whatever facade we may be hiding behind and address what is truly weighing on the soul. His spiritual guidance and deliverance helped me discern God’s will in my life, and experience freedom from the hold the enemy had on my being. Matt is real and straightforward and has been a true blessing in my life.

John Soukup, Knights of Columbus Field Agent

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