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Humility is the truth

Of who we are

As we are

Not from a far

But up close

Not morose

Not a superstar

Take off the mask

It’s a difficult task

To be where you are

It can be hard

To touch the stars

Without first

Cleaning your yard

Touching the scars

That reek of truth

Humility’s food

Bring them forward

So you can

Stop being backward

In your heart

It’s time to start

Opening up

Fill your cup

With the best wine

From the divine

Who takes your

Dirty water

An amazing father

Who will hold your heart

Tender and true

Massaging the pain

Right out of you

Giving you humility

I promise it’s true

If you just do

As I say

One day you’ll play

With a beautiful lady

Called wisdom

Let us attend

To vulnerability

Because it is the key

To all your dreams

Being what you see.

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